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February 6, 2013
By Shayy_Scene GOLD, Cadiz, Ohio
Shayy_Scene GOLD, Cadiz, Ohio
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It's ok to have a dream. You may never reach it, but it gives you something to reach for.

Have you ever dined on steel or bit a flame?
Surely not, none could through blame.
But don't lie, friend don't deny.
If you gave them a try, familarities you would find.
Can you say you have not been visited by he,,
He who brings such flavors to thee?
The harsh tang of metal, the burning like of fire.
He laughs as you're heart races, you're blood quickens; for he's a liar.
Anger, Rage, He goes by many a name.
Pick your poison they're all the same.
Poling, prodding, whispering in your ear.
Dormant but always there, do you hear?
He eventually subsides, slowly passing.
But he remains present through his bitter taste everlasting.

The author's comments:
Its about the taste of anger

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