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February 25, 2013
By RyleeNixon SILVER, Madrid, Iowa
RyleeNixon SILVER, Madrid, Iowa
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I like him
yet I know he does not like me back
to him I am ugly
he only likes the popular girls.

I get confused sometimes
when I think about him
I really don't know
how I'm supposed to think about him

I like to talk to him
and he talks back
we laugh and joke and that's all it is.
No flirting no nothing

He's is subtle about it
I know
and I'm fine with it
as long as he isn't out right calling me

Ugly is a horrid word
a mean word
a hatefully cruel word
and it's terrible when you are the one being called

But the reason I like him
is because I know
he is too nice to ever tell me that out right
he is nice
but will never like me back

The author's comments:
About a guy I used to like a while ago.

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