Slow, Painful, Happy Rememberance

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In the darkness of my room I sit
Waiting for the aches to subside
On my wrists the cuts I slit
The pulls give me pain from head to thigh
I always say to never do it again
But somehow, some way, it pulls me back in
The acid trips are just to cool
But the high I get is oh so cruel
It starts of right, it starts off slow
but then the room begins to glow
The monsters creep from in my head
I think they are to have me dead
I cut their tentacles from my arms
Then I see blood and am alarmed
I hack and slash to no avail
The monsters must be sent from hell
I come down hard and realize my deed
My parents warned me, I did not heed
I did it anyway and it has cost me
The money, the friends, my whole damn life
What was once love is now woe and strife
I hate myself for what I've become
This drug has got me coming undone
The withdrawls they pull oh so strong
And in my head I begin to long
Once again to reach that high
The only way the pain subsides
This time I have done myself in
A vertical slit and the story, fin
My eyes slowly close, and I drift to sleep
Knowing that my body has finally found peace
I smile at the thought of no aches and pains
And drift away to the land of Kings

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