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Truth is....

January 24, 2013
By Brockili123 BRONZE, Loves Park, Illinois
Brockili123 BRONZE, Loves Park, Illinois
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If u go 2 will find
The definition of "Truth is"
Definition- a game on FB that people play, u like their status and they do a truth 4 u. Most people are as fake as possible
Truth is- u seem like a really nice girl
Even though I don't know you, hmu! :)

Girl one -truth is... Ur really pretty
Girl 2-- truth is, we used 2 b friends, we should talk more:)
#teen swaqq

Truth is?....
Truth is, I am completely. totally. In love with u

Truth is...
Everytime I see "Update Status"
I want nothing more than 2 profess my love 4 u in front of all my other 736 friends

Truth is...
I Facebook stalk u every morning b4 my bus gets here
And every night b4 bed.

Truth is... When I look into ur eyes
I want to sing soft love songs, not to loud
Becuz I want to hear the sweet content of swooning Seraphs guarding ur beauty

-well, mayb that's a little to cheesy for Facebook-

Truth is

I know I haven't even the tiniest bit of chance of winning ur heart
Becuz u have class, and wealth, and poise
And I have
Cheap dreams and 4 nickels
One 4 luck
One 4 the road
One 4 the church
And One 4 the bills

Truth is...
I only know Three things to be true

Number 1: U R beautiful
Number 2: I am merely life's busboy
Number 3: I love u

#modern day Romeo

The author's comments:
The last year or so I continually saw these "truth is" games happening on Facebook. I wanted to show what other people and I really think the "Truth is".

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