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Halfway Love

January 21, 2013
By dreamer17 GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
dreamer17 GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
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This time,
I swore to myself,
It won’t go that way.
I won’t sit around thinking of him.
I’ll never find myself staring at him.
And I will not text him.

This time,
He will chase me.
If he wants to think about me,
Let him.
If he stares hopelessly at me,
Let him.
If he wants to text me,
Let him.

Our relationship is a downward spiral.
Our relationship is a black hole.
Pour in all your feelings and expect nothing back.
Abandon all hope, ye who enter
For this is halfway love.
The kind of love for two.
One chases, the other hides.
Call it what you will, but once you see it coming-

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