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Doodles and Distractions

January 12, 2013
By HPRGSuperFan GOLD, Indian Creek, Illinois
HPRGSuperFan GOLD, Indian Creek, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.
--Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ignorance is bliss, or so they say
But, personally, I would take chocolate over ignorance any day
And ignorant chocolate definitely ranks lower than milk chocolate
I’d feel much better being aware of an imminent plague-related demise
If I had a bag of pure deliciousness in hand
At least, that’s how I rank my priorities in my book

What does “my book” mean, anyways?
Is it like a compilation of your entire existence?
A metaphoric conspiratorial mental encyclopedia?
My book’s title would be Doodles and Distractions
I hope it gets published
Anonymously, of course,
Because God knows how easily distracted I am

Lymph nodes On top of Luxembourg
Languid Opossums Located
Lexicography of Our Language

Well, that was certainly plenteous distraction
My doodle would subsequently be of Marie Antoinette
So as to not upset the decided layout of previous “My Book” entries

I’d probably add a mental image of my homework, too
Just to prove to my teachers that my dog did, in fact, consume it
And mental videos of the ending of horror films
To properly warn the girl to never go into the closet
But she won’t listen, anyways

That’s simply the inevitability of life, I suppose
The sun will rise, not accounting for a sun-explosion,
You will die, unless you are the Loch Ness Monster,
In which case, you better have a perpetual pension plan
Because we've been looking for you for a long time, my friend

But, if you’d rather be ignorant of my life’s cataloging
I’m sure I could spare a box of chocolates for you

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