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Music Magic

January 9, 2013
By SoccerGirl11 SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
SoccerGirl11 SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
Pascal's Wager. It's too long to put here but if you don't know it, I highly recommend that you look it up.

Let the music take you away.
Let the melody soar through your body
All the way from your head to your toes.
Let your heartbeat match the rhythm of the bass.
Feel your fingers tingle at it's touch.
Let the notes flow through your hair like water,
Streaming and swelling and pulling you,
Making you want to move.
Let it wind it's way into your heart
And strip away layer after layer
Until you are pure.
Let the rhythm wrap around your bare soul
And pull the very essence of motion from your body
Until you are leaping and jumping and twirling
And letting it move through you
And guide you in your dance.
Let the dynamics give you wings
And soar high above the treetops
Before the harmony gently lays you down beneath the willows,
It's sound swirling over your skin like a warm blanket,
Submersing you deeper and deeper,
Until finally it's over and silently, you sleep

The author's comments:
Music is something that's always been in my life. I'm always listening, singing, or making music. Music calms me when I'm upset, strengthens me when I'm weakening, and lots of times takes my breath away with how beautiful it is. This poem is kind of my way of paying tribute to all the music that has helped me throughout my life.

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