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December 28, 2012
By cheerios. GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
cheerios. GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
i like a lot of quotes.
"avant-garde is french for bull" --john lennon.
"nothing recedes like progress" --e.e.cummings

i've got like 120 quotes taped on to my wall. it's hard to choose.

i still love my memory, and its ability to
dig deep.
i can’t even find the strength to
think things through.

these four green pale walls for company.
my only hope is erasing the remnants
of yesterday.

shaded green, bright green;
it's a mellow atmosphere.

close the curtains.
close the door.

red paint, mixing with the rest of the
plastic paper plate.
plaster marks my skin.

outside, it's like a prison.

this is just almost a cell.
just almost.

The author's comments:
uhm, i'm not quite sure

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