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Hey it's me again

December 17, 2012
By Beef. PLATINUM, Kenmore, Washington
Beef. PLATINUM, Kenmore, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?
- Maya Angelou, Still I Rise

Nothing ends
Nothing ever ends
- Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen

I feel like s***.

I’ve been digging up old bones
Sweat drips into my eyes
I’m ready to give up
I just keep saying to myself
This is the last one
But it never is

All of my friends are dead
But I don’t really care cause
I’m the one who killed them
I picked off each one of their little wings
And each on of their little legs
Until they were just twitching bodies

He told me to just relax
He said babe just calm down
But I thought I was calm
I wasn’t moving
Just breathing
And shaking
And crying

I tried so hard to help them
They did nothing wrong
I swear
But nobody believes them
Because they like to dance in public
And paint their nails electric blue
Nobody gives a rat’s a**

It’s 11:30 in the morning
But she’s already drunk
Now she’s with her sister
And she’s doing show and tell
Do you hate her?
For catching the oil on fire
She only burned her own skin

If you’re angry
And curse
And cry
He’ll hear you loud and clear
He’ll tell you to get out
And you will
Then he’ll press his foot to the floor
But you will forgive him
For every mangled and broken bone
Because you love him
And you’re to poor to buy crutches

You’re going to have a really hard time
Connecting with people
They will like you
Because your bow is the same shade
Of coral
You will be disappointed
Because you thought some could see
That your bow is actually white
Just reflecting the color of theirs

I pretended to like that skirt
Even though it was filthy
I was afraid
So I told him I loved it
And never took it off
But somehow it got dirtier
So I asked him if I could wash it
He laughed and said
You can wash it all you want
If you can get if off
I tried
But the zipper was stuck
Caked in dirty filthy money

My mother had a garden
It was always kept in secret
I wanted to play in it
But the gate was padlocked
I spent hours peering through the slats in the fence
Trying to find the secrets
Trying to understand
Why mother never cried
I stole the key one day
And broke into the garden
But it was just barren land
Not a single blade in sight
I saw my mother
I was afraid she had seen me
But she was too preoccupied
Dumping her toxic tears
No wonder nothing grows back there

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