In Memory of Lost Lives in Newtown Ct.

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Mommy wakes me on this Friday morning
Tired but excited,
Another day to learn and have fun with my friends
Ready for school walking to the car with mommy and daddy
Driving with smiles,I look out the window pointing out everything I see
I'm only in Kindergarten, but I know I'm a big girl now
I'm excited for the Christmas party next Friday
I definitely can't wait until Christmas
I hope I get that toy I really wanted this year!
I kiss mommy and daddy goodbye (I didn't know it would be my last...)
I follow my friends into the classroom
The day was gonna be great!
Who's that...?
My teacher hits the floor
A man stands with a gun
I'm scared
I want my mommy and daddy
But this man had other plans for me...
I hear the gun shot and I close my eyes...
I feel pain...
I knew I should've hit the floor but I'm floating instead...
Away from mommy and daddy,
Away from my school,
Away form the pain and the scary man
I open my eyes to see God smiling and loving,
"Welcome home again, my child"
Mommy,daddy? I whimpered.
"Don't worry, you'll see them again someday."
I nodded,sad.
I heard my name, my friends!
I smiled and looked to God,
"Go on child have fun enjoy your wings." he smiled
I smiled and ran with my friends.
I looked down to Earth, everyone's crying...
I wanna go hug them and tell them I'm okay
Mommy,daddy, I miss you both
I'm sorry I won't spend Christmas or any holiday with you anymore, but I'll always be here
I love you and I will never forget you
Remember me and don't have hatred in your hearts
I was gone too soon, yes, but I'm happy and pain free
We are all okay...


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