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Mocked Pain

November 27, 2012
By yeahthatsme GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
yeahthatsme GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
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It starts out with small rumours
One phrase spreads like wildfire
Soon everyone knows
Pain sears through their heart and leaves a scar
Tears run down their face
But no one sees
No one cares
They say they do
This torture is more powerful than anyone knows
This torture is the cause of great people gone
Once said, these words can’t be taken back
No matter how much you regret
No one notices when they start to ditch school
But people should
This is a disease that no one can see
This is a disease that maneuvers slowly but then kills
This is a disease that makes guilt rush over everyone once they have gone
This is a disease that makes living the hardest
This is disease is depression.

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