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The Story of Poetry

November 22, 2012
By starwriter GOLD, Durango, Colorado
starwriter GOLD, Durango, Colorado
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A story from here told years ago
Both beautiful and terrible as we all know
The tale of what happened to poetry as we knew
until we forgot and kicked it’s true meaning away like a dirty shoe

Poems are your feelings
No matter hard you may try concealing
Bringing tears to your eyes
Or jumping up in surprise

Poems are your feelings
Sometimes they are quite appealing
These lines with care that have been penned
Many a time a may seem the author is your friend

Poems are your feelings
In time of hardship they may begin a healing
When the treasured words leap from your tongue
They make a rhythm like a beautiful song was sung

Poems are your feelings
If your search their secret doors they can be so revealing
Sometimes when a poem sets your head whirling
A new feeling seeps inside and starts moving around and swirling

Poems are your feelings
So don’t try concealing
And think of this story I told today
but as you go on your merry way

But always remember that poems are the best
Because they came from the Great Old West

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