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December 3, 2012
By Everlasting_Love SILVER, Burbank, Illinois
Everlasting_Love SILVER, Burbank, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
It's not about the breaths you take, it's about the people who take your breath away♥

Keep your head up & stand tall
Don't let them see you fall
Who cares about what about what anybody says?
It's all just in their heads

Why try to please someone else?
When this is your life to live
You don't need their help
They have nothing to give

Don't give in
To their worthless lies
It'll just end up in another sin
Just continue to reach for the skies

Your appearance will make other people talk
But it's what's inside that makes you amazing
So stand tall and continue to walk
Don't listen to what they're saying

Life will change in crazy ways
But they won't be there when it does
So just make it through the days
& keep the ones you love

In the end it's all about you
You just have to stay strong
No matter what you've been through
You just have to keep walking along

The author's comments:
I've gotten bullied a lot, which is what inspired me to write this. It shows that no matter what people say it's all about you in the end.

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