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I am Broken

December 2, 2012
By Emeraldess PLATINUM, Columbus, Georgia
Emeraldess PLATINUM, Columbus, Georgia
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No longer can I fight
No longer can I fly
I tire of fights
I tire of lies
I am like a warrior who has lost a war
A child without a home
A problem without a solution
Tears no longer can follow my pleas
A smile can no longer hide my pain
Confidence can no longer keep me strong
I am broken
My meaning is gone
My heart is shattered
I grow sick in my stomach and weak in my mind
My compassion is gone
My strength is gone
I am a wingless bird falling from the heavens as angels laugh at me
I am that lost glimmer of hope someone needed
I am the miracle that could have happened
The emptiness inside me grows more everyday
No longer can I hide my true self, my new self behind a happy appearance
I am broken
I am a glass that has been dropped and thrown away
Pieces of me are yet to be found, I tried to hold myself together but I am to weak
I have meet my match
I have meet my truth
The person who lied to me the most wasn't you but myself
This whole time I ran around so head strong and joyful, renewed, ideal
When this whole time my determination to never be a victim was a lie
I am a victim without justice
Without hope
Without a savior
I am broken
You have reminded me of the truth in this world which I refused to acknowledge
And for that I am a fool
I have asked for this line of tragedy to strike me in a way I did not see
By pushing forward an fighting lifes challenge I have simply hurt myself more
In the end we all will die with that last tear of regret. The last breath of forgiveness. With that last thought of revenge. With that last dream of redemption. The last pleading beat of our heart as it tries to prevail.
I am done
I am broken

The author's comments:
It explains itself. Thanks to someone who had my heart and soul I see the real world. Thanks X X


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