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The Girl Who Cried Diamonds

November 21, 2012
By Sarcopterygian GOLD, Gilford, New Hampshire
Sarcopterygian GOLD, Gilford, New Hampshire
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There was a girl with beauty fair,
But all ignored her hands and hair
And watched her shining tear-filled eyes,
Where diamonds oft would crystallize.
Their quality was superbly fine,
Greater than from any mine,
And so the men did break her heart
And her family tore itself apart
All for the precious diamond tears
To quell their economic fears
And also sate their human greed,
For they took far more than they did need.
And on the day when she did die
She uttered not a single cry,
For she showed them what they lost,
Above any earthly cost.
Too late did they realize
What treasure was before their eyes.

The author's comments:
I got the idea for this when listening to a bad country song, the sole selling point of which was its description of a woman's tears as diamonds. The idea was that she was beautiful even though she was crying, as described by her husband/boyfriend, but I thought that was crap; if someone actually cried diamonds, we'd exploit the heck out of them. Just like we exploit anything of value.

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