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November 30, 2012
By RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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I wonder about you sometimes
About what must have gone on inside your head
How you really felt when they said you were crazy
Just for creating things only you could see
Things that danced in your Technicolor dreams
But you just wanted to share them
Paying the price for brilliance

I love how you rebelled against your parents
Becoming a doctor or words instead of medicine

I want to know where it all comes from
How do you take every day words and breathe life into them
You give the Whos and things their very own story
Your talent for making up words that have now become universal
I’ve never seen Oobleck fall and I don’t have a Wocket in my pocket
Have you? Do you?

I wonder because I can’t rhyme like you

“Please sir I don’t like this trick sir
My tongue isn’t quick or slick sir
I get all those ticks and clocks sir
Mixed up with the chicks and tocks sir.”

I don’t have the gift to see the connections
from one word to the next can’t see how they obviously fit like puzzle pieces.
I can’t take a cake and balance it on a rake.
To me those things don’t have anything in common.
But to you they do, they belong in the hands of a balancing cat

Your ability to take only 50 and create a worldwide sensation is beyond me
I would eat them anywhere.
There is something so much deeper then what’s on the surface.
Teaching me that everyone matters or that I will find my place in life
All the while pleasing my imagination and making me laugh

I wonder as a pour over your strange and vibrant illustrations
That holds a rare simplistic beauty
Why can’t my shapes and lines make something so creative?
Words that I write don’t form pictures on the page
Like they seem to do for you
I want to go there to your world
Just to take a peek to share this amazing thing called words

I wonder if you ever walked around your house
As if you were one of your characters
What did you see on Mulberry Street?
Can you really read with your eyes shut?

I wonder what you would think of what we have done to your world
If you came back would you be proud or horrified
That you’re beautiful constructed words have been modifies
Distorted to fit the advancing technology in movies
Would you be pleased of how we have made your books more popular than ever before?

You became the master of rhyme and childhood memories
The reason kids can read
And to think they thought you were crazy
But weather it was insanity or an over active imagination
I still wonder about you sometimes

The author's comments:
My little ode to Dr. Suess because he's just so awsome!

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