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The Snake and the Lover

November 28, 2012
By lotaslena PLATINUM, Orange, Texas
lotaslena PLATINUM, Orange, Texas
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give me your heart

you wicked lover

who lives beneath my bed,

in the folds of my sheets

and whisper gleaming words

lies? I do not know.

whisper about death and dreams

and freedom in the dark.

I sleep and thoughts reel..

You wretched snake,

writhing within my mind!

I do not need you!

You are poison, venom,

hot pain like a jagged dagger.

Stab me until I do not feel!

take my soul, I do not need it

it is dead, a tattered cloth

not worth a penny, not worth a damn.

can I die alone,

so I do not disappoint?

Can this lover and this snake,

one in the same

yet radically different,

leave me be?

emancipate me?

Unlock these shackles!

I will cut you out of my hair!

to be alone,

that is real freedom.

I long to taste the sun


the dirt in my grave,

but I don’t want to hear

the screaming in my heart


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