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November 13, 2012
By midnightrose31 GOLD, Nevis, Minnesota
midnightrose31 GOLD, Nevis, Minnesota
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just slow down dont dance so fast time is short the music wont last

What does it matter

who I am
When the only one who cares

Is the one no one cares about
Death is a sweet victory

that no one understands
Hope is a frail thing

that no one can give
Prayer a feeling, a word

I can no longer hear
Why is it my heart died

on the day I first gave up
Fear is a tangible thing that grips

once it has a hold it never

lets go
Deep in my eyes is the pain that

hurts the most

but the deepest comes from

the closest
Look at me and it would seem

feelings are to have no more

value to me
Sometimes I wish that the sky would


and take me into a new


The author's comments:
this is a delicate piece for me because of the deep emotions in it

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