The Forsaken One

All alone in a futile world.
Broken emotions, thoughts tangled and swirled.
She doesn’t fit in, no matter how hard she tries.
In the seclusion of her room, she breaks down and cries.

Her self-esteem, beaten down to nothing.
She can’t love. She‘s left no room for trusting.
When will it end?
No matter what she tries, her heart won’t mend.

Why must they release their aspersion onto her?
The things that occur, pass in a blur…
How will she find her way, when she’s blinded by pain?
She feels like she is going insane…

In her darkest time, All she needed was a friend.
Does anyone care at all? She is left to pretend.
Everyone keeps trying to fix her…
Yet, they can’t find a cure.

Life is a never-ending nightmare.
When will she have a chance to surface, and take in fresh air?
It seems as though there is no hope for her, She’s broken.
Everyone assumes they know her, but truly, Her mind remains unspoken.

Praying to the heavens, she hopes for a brighter day.
Though all of her faith has blown away.
She shoves in her headphones, and blocks it all out.
A mind that will forever be filled with doubt.

She’s had enough, Things are too tough.
Even I don’t know her well enough.

She is me.
With only some internal beauty.

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