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Why Am I Here?

November 3, 2012
By xXSpyderGyrlXx GOLD, N/A, Rhode Island
xXSpyderGyrlXx GOLD, N/A, Rhode Island
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As I wither away into the darkness of life
All thoughts slowly creeping out of my head
My heartbeats slowly disappearing from my chest
With a sudden flash of light, I am now in the afterlife

The afterlife of eternal darkness and death
The loose souls whining all around
On the left, on the right, nothing but darkness
Darkness and the smell of decaying bodies

All around, my eyes continue searching
Searching for clues of where I am
Those clues hidden away from my eyes
Hidden in the eternal darkness forever

All that my eyes can finally see
Are the leaders named Satan and God
I am now being sentenced to go to hell
For all of my crimes and sins

For I have committed many crimes
And I have committed many sins
All of those in which I regret
All of those on me are pinned

There is no way to escape
It is too late for it now
Being held here against my will
For all I want, is to be free and loved

I wish that I could leave
Leave this place, where ever I am
I want to be on my bed again
I will always have one question

Why Am I Here?

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