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Shi tsuzuku ai

November 1, 2012
By AngelGraham GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
AngelGraham GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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death is guaranteed and life is a given so quit living as if you have tomorrow.

Tick rock the slower time goes as if its a sloth no a snail. Each tick the more my feet run and run through the ashes. Dark clouds hovers as if its a daily nightmare. Shadows are my best friend. The clock shows 11:30 at night but to me it feels as if its7:30 in the morning. Day and night the same no sun no moon only the death filled eyes of the dark. White only white consuming but a disaster appears consuming as if it was the tsunami that hit Japan. 911in my mind mentality the bomb. Tick tock tick tick tock. I know he got a mino. Shi tsuzuku ai. Day and. Night the same. Dark clouds hovers as if its a daily nightmare. 11:30 at night but truly 7:30 in the morning. Shi tsuzuku ai!

The author's comments:
The piece came from a friends death whom I couldn't get off of my mind

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