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Mono Again

October 21, 2012
By nellie321 GOLD, Audubon, Iowa
nellie321 GOLD, Audubon, Iowa
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Obsession:a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated~Unknown
A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest.I run to see who has the most guts,who can punish himself into exhausting pace,and then at the end,punish himself even more~Prefontaine

I'm not really upset
About not playing sports
I'm just mad that I've lost
My distraction of sorts

I screamed and I begged
I pleaded with Him
To stop the aching
I could feel within

He answered my prayers
With that text of yours
You healed my aching
With just a few words

Theres a huge hole in my heart
You used to fill
I have just been ignoring it
Numbing with a chill

But now you've warmed me
Back up from my core
And ignoring this hole
Is becoming a chore

Do I tell you?
About the pain?
How I am reminded of you
By everything?

Would you forgive me for being mistaken?
Is this a risk that should be taken?

I am gambling with you
And the risk is high
I'll be bidding my heart
I dont know if i can try

I miss you so much
I just wish I'd seen
This perfect man
Right in front of me

You dry my tears
When you dont even know
That you fill me with joy
And make my heart glow

I left you because
We just weren't right
I really think it was stupid
In hindsight

You aren't perfect for me
And probly will never be
But perfect is overrated
Its you I want to see

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