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Broken Happiness

October 20, 2012
By freeflow23 GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
freeflow23 GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
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Saul saw Goliath as too big to kill. David saw he was too big to miss.

Thunder rules the skies
Clouds shield us from its anger
Raindrops fall in submission down windows like the endless tears of the broken

Wind howls
Trees sway
Try to stay strong but aren't strong enough
Foundations break, limbs fall,
window panes shatter

Floods bring strong waters
Filling the earth
Carrying cars to lands far away
Slowly seeping under doors into places unkempt
Destroying homes
Leaving its mark

Lightening strikes
Lines are down
Power is out
A city goes dark
Blindly, fingers fumble for matches
A temporary fix

Then all is still
An eerie silence
A sickly sweet pink sky
An empty apology mends the broken glass
Repairs the damage

But like duct tape
It is only temporary
Thunder strikes
Wind howls, trees fall, panes shatter
Floods sweep away
Lightening strikes, lines are down
Is dark


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