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Bartender, Please

October 20, 2012
By WhatAboutNikki DIAMOND, Uncasville, Connecticut
WhatAboutNikki DIAMOND, Uncasville, Connecticut
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"With me, poetry is not a purpose, but a passion" -Edgar Allen Poe
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Bartender, please,
Slide me another vile of my poison
So I can drown in my
Solitary state of mind.

Maybe now I’ll find the courage
To test if the whispers in which I scream,
Truly carry themselves upon deaf ears-
Those who cannot see the dummy
I throw my voice behind.

Bartender, please,
Scotch on the rocks:
I wish to drink like a fish
So I can swim in my own self-loath.

This dimly lit bar
Reminds me too much of home:
Walking late at night under
Dying street lights
With no hand to hold but my own.

Bartender please,
Just one more before last call
And I swear I’ll leave for the night-
This lonesome melancholy.

How about you, dear friend behind the bar?
What’s life to you?
Drink up.
Maybe it will do something for you
Like it doesn't do for me.

A coffee- black as this night.
Call me a cab for I can’t stand
Upon these uneasy feet.
Have them take me home
So I can fall asleep alone yet again…
And maybe this time I won’t wake up.

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