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A Lit Candle

October 7, 2012
By despurlock DIAMOND, Morgantown, West Virginia
despurlock DIAMOND, Morgantown, West Virginia
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"The heart has its reasons which reason does not know." -Pascal, Pensees, 1670

Light this candle and think of me, think of all our memories. Think of all our happy times, all our smiles, not our last goodbyes. I've always been with you, even after that day, you thought was our last, but dear, that is our past. Forever now I'll be in your heart, I'm always with you, I'm never far. When you shed a tear, remember me, for I am here; I am holding you, please never fear. You'll be with me again one day soon and we can laugh and sing our joyous tune. But for now your own life on Earth is not yet done, I need you to try and have fun. I am needed here and I need you there, Please try and smile for me, please remain strong in my memory. I'm sending you my love and permission, please continue on. I'm watching you grow every step of the way, I'm with you every day. I will always keep this promise, I solemnly swear, just please remember that I love you, and that I'll always be there.

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