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Down the Abyss

September 22, 2012
By CollectTheBroken BRONZE, Princeton, New Jersey
CollectTheBroken BRONZE, Princeton, New Jersey
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"Oh! You poor, poor fools, you blinkered, muted consumers of SLIME and LIES, reduced to slumber by DREAMS which are sweet as honey yet bitter as life itself! "~Death of a Madman (yet to be submitted)

And thus the birds screamed their shrill cries,
The sound echoing in the lifeless airs.
And the orchids withered away,
Branches lush now withered and dead.
Down into the abyss,
The abyss of time.

None can escape the gentle river,
The merciless goddess, the Lady of Time.
Let the castles crumble!
And life itself face its demise.
When death itself dims and dies
Does she live ever on.
Timeless time,
The abyss of nothing.

Eyes of coal,
Made of indifferent despair
As she watched them fall.
One by one, brick by brick,
Her lovers crumpled and wrinkled,
Falling like autumn leaves,
Their fierce red fire brilliant
Before ashes danced meaninglessly in the air.

Tell me the story, Lady Time,
Of the man you still remember,
Who survived your hands
And lived in your memories.
Even he did not escape, alas,
Buried six feet under
His yellow bones eaten away
By the worms who rule down beneath
The soles of our weary feet,
The tired soles of those that traveled so far,
Yet still so near their homes,
Only a flash of a worthless flint against stone,
Such brief uselessness in your eyes.

None can escape your river,
Drowning in the bed of the stream
As jagged boulders became rounded stones,
Reduced to pebbles,
To sand,
To dust,
To boulder again.
Tumbling down the abyss of time.

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on Mar. 3 2014 at 11:38 pm
TheOceansBlackBird SILVER, Richmond, California
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Favorite Quote:
One persons craziness is another persons reality
-Tim Burton

and then there's this one

This gave me chills. I think this definetly deserves more comments or at least a consideration for publication. Amazing.