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Unforgettable Bond

September 11, 2012
By lyseepesee SILVER, Palm Harbor, Florida
lyseepesee SILVER, Palm Harbor, Florida
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Nobody's Perfect.

This moment is surreal
It’s so hard to define
Meeting a brand new baby
For the very first time

You wait nine months
Time feeling like an eternity
Getting everything ready
From the car seat to the nursery

That first special moment
You just can’t wait to see
Who it might look like
And what it will grow up to be

And then there he was
So perfect and innocent
Lying there so quietly,
Wrapped up so tightly
In his little blue blanket

His ten little fingers
And his ten little toes
Those big blue eyes
And that tiny little nose

I sat down in the chair
And he was placed in my arms
And that’s when it became
That unforgettable bond

The author's comments:
Met my baby brother at the hospital and held him for the first time.

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