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September 6, 2012
By Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
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There we lay wrapped in each other’s arms
Your soft finger tips massage my temples
Your soft full lips press against mine
My chest burst into flames at your touch
Your glittering blue eyes bore deep into my soul
Your fangs pierce into my neck

Pain and pleasure erupt inside of me
Your sharp porcelain fangs emerge from my sore neck
Crimson rubies spill from your perfect lips
My heart explodes as each breath escapes our lungs
My eye lids slowly fall as sleep invades my mind
In the distance your sharp gasp soothe me

My head pounds like an offbeat drum
My body burns like a thousand suns
I awake to emptiness
You were gone, without a trace
But one thing I was sure about I was a vampire

Curse to walk the earth till I find you

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