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Where is Home?

August 12, 2012
By ReasonablyUnreasonable GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
ReasonablyUnreasonable GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
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Where is this place I call home?
Is it in a lavish town?
With winding staircases
And crystal chandlers?
Is this kitchen big enough for an army
The place my mother cooks breakfast?
Are these rooms with designer clothing
The place where my siblings sleep?
Is this dream life the life I dream of?

Where is this place I call home?
Is it in the inner city?
Walking distance of the mall
And the prison
Is this crowded apartment
The place my father taught me my first steps?
Are these rising steps with cracks
The place where I played
Is this piece of reality my reality?

Where is this place I call home?
Is it somewhere I’ve been before?
With familiar faces
And warm smiles
Is this childhood playground
The place I’ve been missing all along?
Are these school buildings and restaurants I loved
The clues I need?
Is my past my future?

Where is this place I call home?
I’ve been walking distance from the prison
And have had the crystal chandlers
I’ve had space for an army
And barely any to stand in
Is my home the place my dreams came true?
Or the place where I first dreamt?

Where is this place I call home?

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