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Even Angels Fall

August 12, 2012
By SexyKitty28 GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
SexyKitty28 GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
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"Sometimes you forgive people... Simply because you still want them in your life."

I'm sorry for the lies,
I'm sorry for the tears,
I'm sorry making your life hell,
All those agonizing years...

I wish I could go back,
I know you do too,
I want to re-live that day,
The day I was with you...

I know that you hate me,
I really think you should,
But I can't seem to love you,
Trust me, I wish I could...

I didn't want this to fall apart,
I didn't want this to end,
But somewhere in my eyes,
You looked like just a friend...

I hope that you will learn,
I won't answer your call,
I think that you should know,
That even angels fall...

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