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The Monster Within

July 30, 2012
By merlin SILVER, Anaheim, California
merlin SILVER, Anaheim, California
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Believe in the good of people (that all people are inherently good) but trust no one.

A monster trapped with my soul,
Hiding behind this face of gold,
Waiting for the right time to strike,
From underneath this lifeless mold.

They call me human, in form and body,
But that is not the truth, 'cause,
I'm living life with a monster inside of me.

Like an angel with burning wings
And flames in the center of my eyes.
I try to get a hold of things,
But it is something I cannot fight.

At times when I am lost,
And don't know what to do;
I lose control of the chains, my restraints,
Setting the demon free.

He's playing these savage hunger games,
Killing everyone in sight, like an unknown beast.
Lost boys living in fear on this lonely island,
Amidst a war. There's no escape.

From this truth, I cannot hide,
I'll always be a savage inside.

The author's comments:
This piece refers to the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

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