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Killing me

July 24, 2012
By JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
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I can't eat
I never sleep
I told you no
Now leave me alone
Cause I wanted so bad to say yes
My heart was breaking in my chest
I'm so in love with you, you don't understand
I'd die in your arms if you just held my hand
I can't set myself up just to fall so hard
I'm trapped in my fears, and can't squeeze through the bars
So let me go
You're hurting me so
If you love me, I'll never know
I'll miss you a lot but I'll never admit
I'm suprised at myself that I actually quit
You say you'll never lose me
But I really wish you could see
Your every move, laugh, word...
Is killing me

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