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Ignis Fatuus

July 27, 2012
By TertleWacks PLATINUM, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
TertleWacks PLATINUM, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
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I am an ocean. I am the sea. There is a world inside of me. ~ Bring Me the Horizon
We're young and in love. The heart attacks are waiting to happen. Come a little closer. Tell me those three little words. ~Bring Me The Horizon

I don't want this to end.
No, I don't want this moment to die.
I could be here forever.
Falling for eternity in this eternal lie.
I would fear no one, although life would never end.
To think that you ever existed,
oh, why did I pretend?
Where are you now?
Are you here right beside me?
Or are you in the back of my mind?
Where there is nothing real to see.
Life can't go on. No, it mustn't,
I have to end it.
I hope it doesn't restart.
Please don't let it restart.
This nothing is me.
And I am living my old dreams of this verity of a fantasy.

The author's comments:
I love writing about dreams and illusions.
This one is about someone who is living in a fake world. They want out, but there is no escape.

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