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look at her: look @ me.

July 21, 2012
By Reversetrajedies SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Reversetrajedies SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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look at her.
red lips.
big smile.
pink cheeks,
mango smell.
white teeth.
straight hair.
skinny body.
cute laugh.
Perfect personality.
Everybody KNOWS she's gorgeous.
But me..
People question about me.
People debate about my beauty.
People are unsure whether i deserve a 10
or not.
Doubt, they do.
Awkward Silence..
I don't question.
I don't debate.
I don't doubt.
I'm sure
about my

The author's comments:
I know.
They always say,"Be happy with yourself. Deal with yourself. There will always be someone uglier, someone prettier.."
But for once..
I just wish someone would just look me dead in the eye, and say
"Brenda, Shut up. Will you?
You are Beautiful.."

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on Aug. 17 2013 at 4:07 pm
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Good opinion once lost, is lost forever.

Wow!!! I can relate myself with this poem....... Beautifully written :)