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July 17, 2012
By Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
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"Smile. It confuses people."
"We are all of us stars, and we all deserve to twinkle." -Marilyn Monroe

You're writing so much you've run out of paper. This is your last sheet, you better make it a good one. Your whole body is shaking from exaustion. You should probably be asleep, but you keep writing. You can't stop now, you're not done yet.

A puppy is lost,
A stray is found.
Somebody smiles,
And somebody falls in love for the first time.

Maybe if you get there words out of your deranged little head and on to paper, you'll be able to sleep. You sure as hell hope so. The lights are dim, your bed is warm and the stars are shining. Life is easy here. You can't think of a better place, but you can think of worse.

Somebody is at home, looking for a place to belong,
And somebody is looking for a home to begin with.
Someone is hungry and someone is starving,
And somebody is rolling in abundance.

You think of school, and you think of life. You think of dreams, and you think of sleep. You think of words. The words you have written, the words you will write. As plentiful as the stars, and as deep as space and incomprehendable to most. You think about how half the people who hear these words will think you are crazy, and half will have fallen asleep. You think of how no one you know will ever think things like words, or stars, or space.

Kids are trained for battle,
It's the happiest day of someone's life.
Bombs explode,
And the world is flooded with tears.

It's late. Really late. You know you will only get 4 hours of sleep tonight. No wonder you have dark circles under your eyes. No one else does. That's because they don't see the words or the stars or the space or the world or the lives that are not their own. They won't be up at 2 thinking about death and life, and the things we don't see. They don't. And you know why you can't sleep? Because life doesn't sleep.

A new life is brought into this world,
Far too many are taken out.
Your town is asleep, oblivious,
And out there, somewhere,
Somebody falls in love for the first time

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