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Never Be Afraid

June 8, 2012
By Stand_Up BRONZE, Jensen Beach, Florida
Stand_Up BRONZE, Jensen Beach, Florida
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am neither somebody nor nobody, but myself plain and simple.

~ Who I Am (report that I wrote personally for school) by Alli Evans

Coldness surrounds,

Darkness appears,

Sunlight escapes,

Sound is out to hear,

Blaring, shining, filling the room,

Nothing can stop this impenetrating doom,

I hold my breath, but the longer I do,

The longer I feel that I'm only missing you.

In my heart,

I know it's true,

I know in my heart that I love you.

The thought escapes my lips,

And as soon as it does,

I can feel my mind go blank and my thoughts go fuzz,

Your mouth spreads out,

In a beautiful smile.

And here I am,

Standing all the while,

Amazed at your wonder,

Your kindness,

Your love,

Your delicate touch,

Never push, never shove,

In that time, the darkness melts,

Destroying all the sad things I've felt,

You brighten my day,

You tell me it's okay,

You say there's a way,

That I'll never be afraid.

The author's comments:
This is basically from the perspective of somebody who is going through a difficult/depressing time in their life and meets another person who helps them through their hard time and grows a relationship with them.

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