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Bitterness Biting

June 26, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

An icy rage lives within me,
Left over from who I used to be,
There are some wounds that do not heal,
Memories that live on no matter how I feel,
No matter how much time has passed by,
They haunt me, in my dreams I cry,
I held my best friend, long after he's dead,
Hoping He'll come back, but I'm covered in red,
The red of his blood, after I saw him killed,
Shot six times, dead before blood even spilled,
The way I cradled my lifelong love,
Before she left me to belong above,
The eyes that told me all I need to know,
That her life was over, that she would go,
She was so broken, as I held her body close,
She faded away, and I felt he** in full dose,
She whispered to me, "I will be there for you",
Our daughter was in her arms, gone away,
Gone away with her, a better place to stay,
That was when I died, and became someone new,
When a cold rage took over my very being,
Leaving me with hate, all I was seeing,
A bitterness biting without reason,
Because my reason died last season,
My city crumbled, now only ruble,
I felt only rage, as my icy double,
I was blind, and I was lost,
Because of how much I paid, a high cost,
Sorrow spoke smoothly about who I became,
I was warped until I wasn't the same,
I traveled my path, and took it far,
To far, in the end I was to broken,
To scarred to live, to be re-awoken,
I was dead, with nothing but my scars,
That's when an angel came to me,
And saw all the sorrow of worlds there is to see,
Saw the scars and wounds, the war,
The war that destroyed the fibers of my core,
My angel cried for me, tears of love,
sent from my love, safe in heaven above,
They closed wounds and healed sorrow,
But there are some wounds that do not heal,
Some memories that live on, no matter how I feel,
Inside is an icy rage, here today and there tomorrow.

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