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June 25, 2012
By Bloodprints GOLD, Bay Area, California
Bloodprints GOLD, Bay Area, California
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If you speak to a man in a language he understands, it will go to his head. But if you speak to a man in his language, it will go to his heart.

White caps crashed into the rock's surface like the clash of the wrought iron metals in war. Strands of water licked the air as it bounced off the surface, underneath it wrapped together like tidal waves. Where was beauty, when it was everywhere? The sea itself was a clever predator, both inviting and fearless. It pulsed with life and lives, inhabitants sliding over ground dampened and soaked with the life it treaded. This the worst predator to face, for it cannot be manipulated, disciplined, or imprisioned. It fights with it's unbeatable power, destroying lands farther than miles can reach; it's strength cannot be restrained by walls made of broken rocks that were melted and welded together by Man's handiwork, these seas are life forces. It's forced back humanity into corners out of reach of the crashing water, we die from these seas. We sail over white caps and waves taller than mountains and never return back to the homes that were stationed on land, ships sank from the frosted water we call oceans, abandoned ships lay in wasted caves in the sea floor where undiscovered fins swim, those fins designed to withstand those cold waters, cold waters we cannot govern, it's blue liquid too unpredictable and unstoppable that it's control is it's own. We cower behind it's mass and pray to gods whom we've created to guard these waters, but guarded it they have not. The seas are deadly, they are. Lethal and invincible. That which cannot be controlled can destroy.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a way to clarify to myself why I always preferred lakes and rivers to the oceans and seas. I hope you enjoy it C;

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