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A Real Man

June 13, 2012
By love2love17 GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
love2love17 GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
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I thought you were supposed to be a man.
What happened to the real men in life?
A man is not someone who pushes a girl around.
He is not someone who hits a girl.
A man is not someone who yells at a girl and puts her down.
He is not someone who just wants a girl for her body.
A man is not someone who tells a girl everything she wants to hear, only to break her heart.
He is not someone who ignores the girl he likes.
A real man is none of these things.
A real is man someone who treats a girl like a woman.
A real man treats a girl with respect.
A real man would do everything to treat the girl he likes not only like a woman, but a princess.
I don't expect people to be perfect, I'm the farthest from it.
I do expect, however, to be treated with respect and like a human being- not just another fling or a good time.
I don't think that's too much to ask of a "real" man.

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