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Summer's Reign

June 13, 2012
By BlackRosePetalz SILVER, Miramar, Florida
BlackRosePetalz SILVER, Miramar, Florida
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Nature’s reign is gone
The clouds make way for the glorious King
The cerulean sky is his herald
The flowers his squires, proudly wearing their liveries
His green servants had borne the fruits of their labor
And now they toil to survive his tyrannical rule
His crown there for all to see
He pleased with what he sees

Nature’s reign is gone
But the King sees he must vie for his power
There is nobility below
And may just usurp the throne
These nobles are strange subjects
Who may just dare challenge him
His crown there for them to see
He displeased with what he sees

The King’s reign continues
But he feels his throne threatened
Should he unleash his wrath upon them
The nobles shelter in shade where he cannot reach them
They frolic in the water by the sand he commands
And don their drying cloaks when done
His crown there for them to defy
He displeased with this defiance

The King’s reign continues
As does the nobility’s opulence and insolence
He is sure they conspire with his foe Winter
For the little nobles flock to dine upon a cold brew
The older ones dwell in houses under wintry spells
The King knows witchcraft is involved
His crown there for them not to see
He displeased with this disrespect

Nature’s reign is gone
For these nobles have dethroned her
Still they pay respects to their High King
Since he granted them such luxury
On the sand they bask in his glory
While the little ones build him castles
His crown there for them to see
They pleased with what they see

The author's comments:
A poem describing summertime after the end of spring.

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