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Broken Train

June 4, 2012
By Basya44 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
Basya44 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
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Waiting for a broken train
With wounded chains, and dead conductors
Will i ever be the same?
This game is quite destructive
Hopes are laying on the earth
Hopes of an angel
Who heals the broken train,
and wounded chains and dead conducters
"Pretty doubtful," she tells me.
"It wants to return, i know it does..."
"You dont know anything." she says.
Will it be strong
Will it trudge on
Can angels throw death away
The angel needs a will
Will IS way
How long can you play
Stop fooling.
I see through your fear
Through the scars
Through swallowed tears
"Do you really?" she asks.
"Shut up," I say.
The tracks are there, in front of me
If i jumped would you bleed
Would i plant a seed of guilt
Of shame
Or would you grin with beautiful teeth
Would you grin-
That i have finally wandered
She is me. And it is he.
The train is he
The wounded chains
And dead conducters
How long will i wonder
How long should one ponder
On a train that is off of it's track
Lost in a glorious sunset
Sunset more glorious then I?
"Definitely," she tells me.
I think i am begining to believe her
The rope is loose
It's shreds too far
My toes sit bare in muddy grass,
My hair burns hot with sun
You won.
Lost my pride
I sank
But not a skank.
I should have been a skank.
Maybe you would stay then
And not get on that train
With wounded chains and dead conductors
But there you are
And here i am
Miles and piles of steel gates
Between us
Let me in i scream,
bang, and clang
My tender voice is lost in skies
Empty skies
Empty of your train
Will the angel see the deepest you
will it heal the chains,
the train, and dead conductors?
She doesn't think so, but I believe
in you, and in angels
in healing and awakening
The place i stand is lonely
I see no people.
Only she and i.
And you, in an invisible train
With wounded chains, and dead conductors

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on Jul. 11 2012 at 12:01 pm
DreamingOutQuiet SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Time and the bell have buried the day,
The black cloud carries the sun away" - Elliot

Oh if life where made of moments, even now and then a bad one. Oh, if life where made of moments then we wouldn't know we had one. - Into the Woods

The things you write are so compelling, I find a hundred meaning but wonder which is true. It's beautiful.