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scRape The Sky

June 7, 2012
By TashawnMC GOLD, Sugar Hill, Georgia
TashawnMC GOLD, Sugar Hill, Georgia
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Have you ever stared
So intently at the sky
That you could watch dew drops
Condense in flight
And the light would scold you
For staring to hard
And the world that produced it
Didn't seem so far

Have you ever felt
Dirt beneath your feet
And been reminded
Of primal instincts
Crusted grains
Under your nails
A dusty film
Of antique tales

Have you ever tasted
A new day's air
An energy blasting
Through digits and hair
An empty vision
Brought to life
By nakedness of arms
In the chill of night

Have you ever heard
A birdee's song
And wished that you
Could sing along
And so you tried
To no avail
Because life isn't
A fairy-tale

And realism
Made you realize
Jets were intruding
Through that sky
The dirt was littered
As was the air
The birdee fell dead
And that was fair

After all
If not for his flight
People would not
Have civilized
And tried so hard
To reach that height
With cities and planes
And scrapers of the sky

The author's comments:
I absolutely adore this! If you view it, please leave a comment. :)

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