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By A Thread

June 2, 2012
By musicluvr3 GOLD, San Diego, California
musicluvr3 GOLD, San Diego, California
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"Cry. It shows you care."

I stand here and wait
And wait
And wait some more
I wait for death
Here I stand, chained to this boulder, sea foam angrily attacking my ankles
Here I stand, waiting for death
The icy wind skims over my bare skin
It reeks of salt and death
Goosebumps crawl up my spine
A venomous spider, poised to bite
Perhaps a brave hero will save me
But who else knows of my whereabouts, besides Poseidon and my insolent mother?
Oh, mother
If only you knew of the consequences!
If only you had kept your pride contained
If only
If only
If only....
I sigh, and wait some more
I curse Poseidon under my breath
The sky turns grey
The blackened water lashes at my ankles
My knees
My thighs
My waist
The fierce winds pull at my luscious hair, tying it into a billion intricate knots
I fear of drowning, Poseidon’s liquid lasso devouring me and pulling me under
I brace myself for death
And then it stops
Every trace of evil dematerializes
The blue sky and sea sparkle as if nothing has happened
I will let Poseidon play his games
Those treacherous games, as monstrous as the one that will kill me
I am doomed
I am doomed to a fate of certain death
I am utterly powerless
Stranded, alas, in the centre of an ocean whose ends I cannot see
Stranded in an ocean that might as well be a death trap under surveillance
Iron chains bind me to the rock
The rock in the centre of the endless death trap of an ocean
The rock is tall, much taller than I
I stand here, shackled, waiting for death
And then I see it
Death in the form of a ripple in the glass ocean
The Cetus in the form of a ripple
The ripple of death disturbs the stilled water
Shall I scream?
Shall I call for help?
Shall I pray?
Alas, I can do none
My beautiful body has gone frigid,
My senses numb
Death is creeping up on me
An invisible shadow, reaching up behind to strangle my neck in a godly caress
I can sense it
Drawing nearer and nearer
Closer and closer
Oh, how I wish it would go further and further
I shrink into the boulder
I brace myself for death
Death is here
A translucent figure, creeping up my spine, ready to attack
It looms above my head
Atropos’ scissors pressed against my dwindling string of life
I can hear the menacing snap as the blades slice through my piteous life
Destroying all my memories
I whisper my goodbyes
And fall down
Down into the glass ocean
A bigger ripple
That stretches far out
Turning the water to rapids
I let go of my deteriorating tendril
My only lifeline
I float, but it is no longer cold
I float, but I am no longer lost
I float, but really, I’m flying
I'm flying!
It’s the most glorious sensation
I can feel the wispy clouds, evaporating on my gentle touch
The radiant beams of sun highlight my exquisite profile
I am free!
Free of my prison
Free of my shackles
Free of worry
Free from death
Is death really this wonderful?
It cannot be, or people would not fear it so
It is wonderful
If death is really what it is
I feel arms
Muscular arms wrapped securely around my waist
Suspending me here in Zeus’ miraculous sky
Flying with me
I hear a voice whispering softly in my ear
Singing sweet melodies
My personal composer
The melodies swirl through my worried thoughts
Replacing death with opportunity
Filling every nook and cranny of my brain
With the beauty of his voice
The notes created for me
And me alone
A song so indescribably beautiful
The voice of a lover
I could bathe in the sweet melody
I could live with it forever
My eyes flutter open
Surely death cannot be this
Surely death cannot be so sensational
I slowly swivel my head around
Taking in the sun bathed clouds
And the golden ocean below me
I turn my head until I see him
His green eyes are staring at me inquisitively
Almost lovingly
They melt into my soul like liquid emeralds
Golden specks accentuate his sparkling irises
The effect is quite dazzling
And my life is complete
I could just stay up here forever
Up in the plushy clouds
Over the brilliant sea
In the arms of an angle
Or a great hero, at the least
The flutter of winged sandals
They could be the flutter of wedding doves
I could stay here forever
Forever in his arms
Forever in his eyes
Forever with his love
He smiles that angelic smile
That smile that claims my heart
I reflexively smile back
I am his
He is mine

The author's comments:
My take on the story of Andromeda. I'm not really sure what genre it is, but I guess its a narrative poem. I hope you enjoy!

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