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many little pieces

May 31, 2012
By Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
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How I wish that you were gone forever
Alone for now, but things will get better
I’ve been cut into so many little pieces
Now I see
How to be free
I need to run from your bitterness
So I flee
I can’t wait to be free

Now I wish that you weren’t so bitter
To know relief ,and to be happy forever
I see you fall into so many little pieces
Now I see
You want to be free
I try to build you up from all those pieces
So now be free
You can’t be free

How I wish we could stay here forever
We’re finally in love, and know each other better
We can never fall to pieces again
Now I see
We’re truly free
We run through the fields
Because we’re free
At last we are free

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on Sep. 12 2012 at 11:35 am
dolphincrazy226 BRONZE, Madison, Alabama
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Life is Good!

great job, the topic comes across very easily, which is awesome.  though that first line is a bit confusing.  I noticed how you had a motif of wanting to be free, did you want to connect it with that?  But great job, good use of imagery, and keep writing!