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May 18, 2012
By Amanda24 DIAMOND, Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Amanda24 DIAMOND, Lynnfield, Massachusetts
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The hope was fallen and gone,
Even Satan couldn’t scare me now.
The dark entity of the room was more mind numbing,
Than the sight of my young brother.
He stood still and lifeless.
Frozen in time, he moans and groans.
This was the work of a horrible curse,
A threatening karma,
A torturous destiny.
I’d rather be in the darkest pit of Tartures,
Than be in this room.
The black circle around his heart,
Sunk deep into my memory.
The shades that hid us from all of humanity were closed.
The scent of glum and sea salt tears filed the air.
My brother didn’t look the same, he was gone.
The cancer had finally taken control over his frail body.
He twitched in his sleep until he open his sickly eyes.
I smiled at him and he smiled back and than he sunk back into a deep sleep.
Parlayed by IV’s he moved around in his hospital gown.
I stood there and watched.
Forever we will stay.
I wont let you fall, and if you do,
I’ll be right by your side every step of the way.

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