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Forever Together

May 6, 2012
By RyanAD GOLD, Grandville, Michigan
RyanAD GOLD, Grandville, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Any one who ever gave his best, never regretted it."

We'll stick together
Like two birds of a feather
Lets sit here till the end of forever

Through the thick and the sick
We'll always stay stronger
Our flame will burn longer than the longest of wicks

We've got our slips but when
Reality hits we just need each other
And yours and my lips

How much we've built stymies every decree
I look at you and you at me
A single tough and my heart is set free

On Eagles wings we'll always soar
Searching and knocking on every single door
Only to you i'll adore and adore every second more than before

Just when I think were on the brink
You smile at me and I return the wink
It don't even matter what I think cause you'll always be my missing link

I'll always keep dear the key to your heart
For nothing will ever tear us apart
If something comes up which I know it wont what better to do than just restart

God placed us here
To catch each tear
Give my your heart i'll take it and steer

The author's comments:
I chose the picture because it kinda looks like the stairs are going up forever.

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