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For Me

May 5, 2012
By Meganella SILVER, Laconia, New Hampshire
Meganella SILVER, Laconia, New Hampshire
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Talk to me
Tell me why
Tell me how
Tell me something
Explain your life to me
All the little details
The strings that weave together
All the years you have lived

Describe it for me
All you biggest fears
And your wildest dreams

Paint it for me
The colors and shapes that are you
The person I know now

Act it out for me
All the things that have happened
To form your opinions and thoughts

Write it down for me
All that is inside your head
Everything the rest of us cant know

Begin again for me
So that I can be there too
Inside your memories

Keep them for me
So that one day we can look back

And you can give to me
All that we have shared

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