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The Man or the God

May 3, 2012
By Hunter,P,15 SILVER, Westminster, Colorado
Hunter,P,15 SILVER, Westminster, Colorado
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"Any man who can drive a car safely and kiss a pretty girl is not paying enough attention to the kiss" - Albert Einstein

Even Darwin admits it’s hard to imagine
All the beauty and wonder simply just happened
But religion is hard to accept and I raise the question
Why does it seem they are always the exception?
Those who agree the Father’s Son is in the right
See an endless need to kill and to fight
Over land where the Holy lived and died
But is it hard to imagine a human had lied?
Is it so hard to picture all the words in the good book
Are twisted and bent by some villainous crook?
Many will follow those with visions of the throne
Given a loud speaker, they turn masses to combat drone
But does it not say “Thou shall not kill”?
Oh I missed the fine print “unless they question thy will”

These men who claim to be of god
Once beat their slaves with the whip and the rod
Justified by a heavenly kings visit in a dream
Forget not the mortal king, who grasped why his savior was nailed to a beam
He foresaw a world of more than black and white mixing
But those who twist the divine leave this dream fading, asphyxing
A world where half-moon and a star, can live with Hindu’s dharma
A place where the cross on the hill, coexists with Buddha’s teaching of karma

They’ll forever be in conflict as men hold the reins of religion
Their “connection” to god gives them the power of decision,
Over their followers, blind to intentions, and that makes me wonder
How long can they look in awe to he who “interprets” the thunder
Perhaps when they realize the men who hear the voice of their Lord
Only wish to manipulate, pushing and hoping for death by the sword

So now I pray to whatever higher being there is, please come make a stand
And show us who’s in charge of religion: be it God or be it man

The author's comments:
My opinions on the problems with religion

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