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A Shadow Cast on a Heart

May 3, 2012
By Hunter,P,15 SILVER, Westminster, Colorado
Hunter,P,15 SILVER, Westminster, Colorado
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Hate, Fear, and Pain
Cast shadows on a heart
Birthed from the dark, demons, drive me insane
Without light in the void, I know not where to start
And with no beginning there can be no end
And thus shadow it grows
Craters left in my soul by malicious quakes of the past; I’m unable to mend
Withered loves, forsaken friends, left, with care, the wounds in neat rows

But in the endless abyss of mourning there lives a glimmer of hope
A voice whispers to me “I’ll lend you my hand to extinguish the dark
I will lead you from despair and the beckoning rope
Teaching you how to commence, I shall provide the spark
Once you ignite the flame
Your path will become clear
The hate in your soul finally tame
So go, don’t stray joy, love, and triumph are finally near”

With that I started to heal the festering sores of the past
My evils and demons beginning to depart
Love and jubilation replace, at last,
The decaying, dying shadows cast on my heart

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