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Forever Mine

April 26, 2012
By aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
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I’m on my way to you
Traveling anywhere to be with you
Looking out the window
The sun shining down on my face
My reflection staring back at me

If only time could move faster
We could be together
If only the sun would set
I’d see the same moon
You’ve been sleeping under

Fields are flashing by my window
Small houses disappearing in the distance
I can barely see the trees
The sun is level with the horizon
It’s so beautiful
And summer’s coming around
As I leave my life behind
To seek you out
Because I’d rather be with you
Than anywhere else

My thoughts are suffocating me
I need to be with you
So you can numb my mind
Fill my lungs with your love

The sky is so blue
It reminds me of you
Your beautiful eyes
Staring back at me
In my head
Never leaving my memory

The clouds are so white
Reminding me of what I am
Innocent and young
But your blue surrounds me
Never leaving my life
The sky and the clouds
Are one in the same
Never to be separated

“you will be mine forever”
Those are the words you say to me
Whenever you disappear
Leaving me behind
But I always come and
Look for you

When I finally reach you
You hold me tight
Bury your face in my hair
Taking me in and never letting go
Telling me you love me
Over and over
But it almost hurts
Because I know the routine
“you will be mine forever”
And then you disappear
Leaving me alone
But I travel the world
To find you
To love you
You will be mine forever

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